Frequently Asked Questions

When Do I Place My Order?

Place your orders before 12pm noon on Thursday to receive your order Saturday or Sunday.  Deliveries always go out Saturday & Sunday. Any order placed after Thursday 12pm noon will be going out the the next weekend. A minimum of 8 meals must be purchased. Please check for availability. 

Call or text (949) 331-6187

How Do I Custom Order?

Send us a message in this format:


John Doe (714)335-3327

5732 E Washington Street

Anaheim, CA 92806

-4 of the #1 Garlic & Herb with Rice and Asparagus

-4 of the #2 Rosmary & Oregano with Sweet Potato and Broccoli

-4 of the #3 Soy Sauce with Quinoa and Green Beans

Delivery Sunday around 6:30pm-7pm

Once we receive your order we will send you an invoice with the total amount due which you can pay through credit, debit or paypal.

Can You Provide Custom Meals According To My Macros?

Yes we do! Send us a message with the meals you want to purchase from us and the macronutrient measurements per meal. It will cost an extra $3.00 per meal.