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"I love to hear what you have to say. It makes me grateful to hear how I can help out with making your life that much easier to stay healthy. Without any of you this business would not be possible. Thank You! Stay ON THE GROW!"

-Andrew Narciso On The Grow Founder

Yorba Linda, CA 


"I have very limited time at lunch and have been running to fast food and feeling miserable afterwards. My girl started ordering meals for me and they are amazing. Such a clean taste and I feel great after and I'm saving money. I also had a couple coworkers try them and they keep asking me when I'm going to bring them another. Highly highly recommend this company. "

-Steve C. 

Huntington Beach, CA

"My husband and I have been using On The Grow now for a couple of months and we absolutely LOVE IT!
Andrew is super helpful and responsive and the food is delicious.
We've tried other ready made food services and none of them compare. The food is always fresh and delicious!"

-Valerie G.

Placentia, CA 

"5/5 Love the food! Great service. Quick convenient and delicious! Would recommend to anyone in the north orange county area!"

-James R.

Chino Hills, CA

"I've tried many meal prep companies over the years, and Andrew's on the grow meals are my favorite. The food is fresh, tasty and digests easily. Plus the delivery service is very convenient when you're really busy. Andrew goes the extra mile to make me happy and I appreciate it!"

-Matt D.

Placentia, CA

" I just started this. After looking at Freshly (food gets shipped all the way from Arizona) and some other services. Was refreshing to find a local, small business that I could support. Prices are VERY competitive (you'd spend more for unhealthy fast food everyday) and its clean eating.

I get a whopping 35 minutes (and sometimes not even that) to start, consume and digest my lunch. This is Perfect. Nice, lean portions. Not too much, not too little.

Supplementing this with other clean items (vegetables, greek yogurt, etc) I'm doing a whole lot better.

Will be a repeat customer. Andrew is also a super nice guy and willing to accommodate and help you. "

-Denish G.

Yorba Linda, CA

" All I can say is WOW! Amazing food! Andrew knows his stuff. I have never felt better in my life. I dont have to worry about making food for work or for school. So glad I found him! Your getting more customers coming your way bruh!! Keep up the hustle! 

-Andre J.

Placentia, CA

"Thank u so much for the meals they are good and made my week easier not having to worry about getting my lunches together for work. :)"

-Crystal T.

Pomona, CA

"Thank you! On The Grow Meal Prep has helped me make better food choices. As a diabetic, diet is important in my routine. It is difficult to find a service that provides great food and prices. Not only is On The Grow Meal Prep affordable, they have awesome customer service and are very professional. Every delivery is on time! Thank you On The Grow for meeting my expectations and helping me live a healthier life!"

-Karina C.

Wildomar, CA


"I will continue in purchasing more meals preps from this guy not only due to the fact that the food is delicious but, however he is responsible on timing as well. He has never been late to any deliveries whatsoever. The quality of the food service that he provides is aways fresh upon deliveries and can last fresh until the food is done. He is also respectful with a positive attitude when greeting his customers when delivering the food. The great appearance that he shows to his customers is a smile which allows the customers to know that he is a caring person and makes his food in the best quality."

-Miguel V.

Santa Ana, CA

“On The Grow has really helped me out maintain and get a look at a good healthy diet. I get an order every week and it stops me from making those bad eating habits. Service is great great prices and delivery is always on time. Perfect service.”

-Jonathan J.
Santa Ana, CA

“It’s so easy to make a bad choice when it comes to a quick and easy meal.  That’s why I love On The Grow, it’s the perfectly balanced healthy meal that tastes great and is ready to eat!  I don’t have to think about it!  It’s great for lunch and after a long busy day at work.”

Erika L.
Menifee, CA

"Andrew always uses fresh meat and vegetables. His food is always fresh. Free delivery is always nice. I like that he lightly seasons everything. It allows me to throw my own spin onto the meals. My biggest issue was not eating enough clean calories, throughout the day. Trying to eat clean on the road, is almost impossible. Now I keep a small cooler with me, at all times. Andrew is very easy to talk to, and very accommodating. Very simple process, with no contracts or automatic subscriptions (watchout for those!!!).Give them a try."

-Chris M.

Tustin, CA

"On the grow, more like on the Go . Super easy for me to grab a meal and go! This is my second meal prep company I used. On the grow can customize whatever you need. Not like other companies where you're stuck with the same selection. Ask him for a quote on what you need to fit your lifestyle."

-Andrew Flegenheimer

(Nutrition Zone Store Manager)

Yorba Linda, CA

"Food is great and the price is affordable but the biggest deciding factor as to why On The Grow is one of the best meal prep companies is because of the sheer convenience. I know that Andrew will customize any meal I want without delay and he uses fresh and real ingredients for each meal! 5 out of 5, I would highly recommend!"

-Justin S.

Yorba Linda, CA

"First of all, I haven't even picked up the food yet and they have been  so helpful! I'll have to update my review when I pick it up. My Dad was  diagnosed with Liver Cancer this past week, along with recovering from  surgery. We needed a low sodium diabetic friendly meal delivery service  that would not break our bank. They were the quickest to get back to me,  answered nutrition fact questions and my texts late at night. I asked  for some tweaks for low sodium (no teriyaki sauce).  They also answered  the phone right away. I have reached out for follow up questions at  least 3 times in the past 2 days and they have been extremely patient  with me.  Thank you On The Grow! You are earning two new customers this  week due to your customer service and kindness.


The food is delicious! My Dad is really enjoying it. Which is great considering the time are having. Thank you! "

-Nicole L.

Yorba Linda, CA

 "We've been using On The Grow's services for a few months now have experience nothing short of excellent meals and outstanding services. I've been extremely happy with every meal option I've tried but must say the Teriyaki Chicken is my favorite! :) I can always count on Andrew to have our meals ready and delivered on time. On The Grow offers delicious meals at prices you just can't beat!"

-Doris C.

Santa Ana, CA

"Andrews food is fresh and delicious. Dude always on time and food not soggy or smashed. Reasonable prices.!!!!"

-Mikey R.

Santa Ana, CA

"I love this company! Food is delicious fresh and good. Great customer service, fast service and good options. I highly recommend this place due to the affordable price, if you need help with making healthy meals for on the go then this is your place!"

-Meagan G.

Corona, CA

"This meal prep service is 5/5! Customer service is great, the food is super delicious and the whole process to place an order is very simple! I am a returning customer not only because of the food and convenience, but the fact that the owner (Andrew) cares about making my life better for my health. That is something that other meal prep companies don't do. It's like the food comes with motivation and guidance! Thanks On The Grow for making my life easier on the go!"

-Krystal S.

Yorba Linda, CA

"By far the best meal prep company I've tried. Andrew, the owner, is not only personable, but genuinely cares about the health & well being of his customers. He goes out of his way to not only deliver a quality product, but establish genuine relationships with his customers. All meals are tailored to your desires, & the taste is incredible. It gives me peace of mind to know that what I'm putting into my body is genuinely healthy, & that the food is long lasting. Perfectly convenient for when you're on the go as well."

-Halle L.

Corona, CA

"After reading reviews on their yelp page and checking out their website, I decided to give it a try. I am always skeptical about meal prep companies because they are always over priced and the food is always cheap looking/tasting. Been to many out here in the Orange County area and I am not going to bash any of them but HONESTLY, here is why On The Grow separates themselves... I actually have direct contact with the owner, the food tastes and looks REAL, (the teriyaki chicken and the montreal steak are my favorites and I have yet to try everything!) the whole process is easy and convenient. Not to mention they are in Yorba Linda! Thank you Andrew! You will be getting my orders weekly!"

-Andrew M.

Placentia, CA

" On the grow has changed my life. I used to weigh over 400lbs and I found out about on the grow and now I weigh 180lbs. The owner of the company Andrew personally reached out to me to let me try a few meals before I committed to buying a whole weeks worth. I was hooked as soon as I tried them. First of all the food is delicious. Secondly the food is a very good sized portion to where I am satisfied after eating but not completely stuffed which is perfect for my goals. I have been using On the grow meals for over 2 years now and I will never stop. The food is delicious and it delivers results!"

-Max S.

Anaheim, CA

" Great service. Andrew knows his stuff. Best recommendation for cutting, bulking and maintaining. It is not just providing meals but so much more. From the plate to the gym on the grow is the best meal prep service around. Andrew goes up and beyond. Need weight loss tips and exercises? Andrew is your guy. Trying to do that winter bulk? Oh yea Andrew does that too. Thanks Andrew!"

-Robert C.

Fullerton, CA

" My wife and I both work and on top of that we have a 15 month old, so some weeks are difficult to meal prep ourselves. On the Grow has been an awesome alternative on weeks we are too busy to meal prep. The food is healthy, good, and the price is right! Lastly, Andrew has been great and always reaches out!"

-Jacob H.

Yorba Linda, CA

" Andrew is a friendly guy, very helpful and informative. The food tastes great, and if you have never tried it, I would recommend giving him a shot! No more dealing with the math of Macros, it's all done for you. The steak & sweet potatoes is my favorite!"

-Ari L.

Anaheim, C