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About The Company

How It All Started


I started my health and fitness journey in 2012 at the age of 21. I was working 2 jobs and studying for my NASM Certification. I was also working out 6 days a week and prepping my food every other day. My main issue was the consistency of making my food for the week. As I started working more hours the time I wanted to spend out of work was not in the kitchen... So years of trial and error and training clients on the side, I started preparing food for friends and family as another form of value that I can add to my circle. This then became something bigger than I expected and in 2018 it just started growing. Ever since then it has been an enjoyable time, helping others and meeting so many people along the way. The relationships I have created and are continuing to come my way are more than I can ever ask for. I am truly grateful that I can help all of you out with health by providing a convenient way to have your food ready every week. My name is Andrew Narciso and I am the owner of On The Grow Food Prep. Whenever you are ready to get started just let me know how I can help you!

Why "ON THE GROW" Weekly Food Prep?


I've worked the 9-5 jobs. I've worked the 2 jobs and I was still training to attain my dream physique! Your day may not allow you to prep or eat accordingly. Or you just don't want to spend the extra time and energy going to the grocery store to buy the food and go home and cook! Hey I know the pain of buying food on lunch break every day and not even have it be a healthy meal. I have lived that life where after work all I wanted to do was sit down browse Facebook and Instagram, watch tv and eat cookies and ice cream. It was a struggle even though I knew how to eat and train a certain way. People don't prepare to fail, they fail to prepare!!! I wanted to help the average busy working person make their life easier to be healthy and feel great by providing an "on the go" weekly food prep company! What better way to keep moving forward on the go with ON THE GROW!!!

Join The "ON THE GROW" Movement!


I help businesses and individuals like you and I through providing a convenient weekly food prep service to help make your life healthy EASY! If you want to help make a difference in others lives' as well. Join the movement. On The Grow isn't just a food prep company. It is a lifestyle! A successful entrepreneur told me, "If you aren't growing you are dying" and getting stuck, staying stagnant is not a good thing. In order for you to get that next promotion, hit that new pr in the gym, gain friendships and relationships with people you want to be around, you need to be growing! We encourage everyone to be their best and to go after what they believe they are called to do. Whether you want to become: a pro athlete, model, work your way up a big corporation, build a business, do network marketing, become an actor or just create a better life, On The Grow is where I want to provide an encouraging environment and uplifting atmosphere for everyone to succeed!