About The Company

How It All Started


My health and fitness journey did not start with food. At the age of 21 I started working out and getting into health and fitness scene. Prior to that I was an athlete most of my life playing aau & high school basketball. I loved basketball. I was only around 5’5’’ when I had my first dunk in game as a freshman. But I always got hurt. Hindering me from playing and getting a chance to compete at the highest level. I did not have the best diet growing up. Pizza, fried chicken, hot dogs, etc… that's what I usually ate. I am a very picky eater so that did not help at all. I never understood how important diet was until I got into working out and started developing the physique I desired. Then, was when I realized why I got hurt so much growing up playing sports. I needed the proper food aka fuel to keep my body going and performing at a level where I could compete. Injury after injury discouraged me and at 17 years old I quit high school sports. I was on a scholarship at a prep high school for sports and I just left and went to a public high school to finish my senior year off. I did not finish senior year so I did not graduate. I started to hang around the wrong crowd. Got me into using drugs and alcohol. I met my wife during those times which helped me get out of that situations. A couple years later and got clean at the age of 21 which was when I started my fitness journey. I used working out to replace the drugs I was using. I got so into fitness I wanted to compete one day on the stage of a physique competition. I wanted to be very good at it and did the research, bought the programs and eventually got certified as a personal trainer through NASM. I attained a physique naturally that I was proud of but I wanted more! Then was when I realised diet was the most important aspect of gaining muscle mass while staying lean. When to eat a certain combination of macronutrients together and when not to, at what time during the day and before or after your workout, gave me the results I was looking for! I started dieting myself through what I learned and through trial and error was how this business started. The types of foods in these meals are result inspired through my success. I still, to this day eat how I promote my meal prep company. There was a time when people would ask me what I ate and I would write up diet plans and meal plans. I even took a couple friends to the grocery store to help them pick out what to eat and how to cook it. I came to a realization that I would rather help people through dieting and meal preparation than to train them personally. There became somewhat of a demand to make meals that I started cooking for people and in February of 2018 I officially started this business. Since then it has been all uphill! I thank everyone who supported me in the beginning and to this day! This is how I started “On The Grow”. My name is Andrew Narciso and I am the owner of On The Grow Inc. Whenever you are ready to get started just let me know how I can help you!

Why "ON THE GROW" Meal Prep?

I've worked the 9-5 jobs. I've worked the 2 jobs and I was still training to attain my dream physique! Your day may not allow you to prep or eat accordingly. Or you just dont want to spend the extra time and energy going to the grocery store to buy the food and go home and cook! Hey I know the pain of buying food on lunch break and not even have it be a healthy meal. I did live that life where after work all I wanted to do was sit down browse Facebook and Instagram and eat cookies and ice cream. It was a struggle even though I knew how to eat and train a certain way. People don't prepare to fail, they fail to prepare!!! I wanted to help the average busy working person make their life easier to be healthy and feel great by providing an "on the go" meal prep company! What better way to keep moving forward on the go with ON THE GROW!!!

Join The "ON THE GROW" Movement!

I help businesses and individuals like you and I through providing a convenient meal prep service to help make your life healthy EASY! If you want to help make a difference in others lives' as well. Join the movement. On The Grow isn't just a meal prep company. It is a lifestyle! A successful entrepreneur told me, "If you aren't growing you are dying" and getting stuck, staying stagnant is not a good thing. In order for you to get that next promotion, hit that new pr in the gym, gain friendships and relationships with people you want to be around, you need to be growing! We encourage everyone to be their best and to go after what they believe they are called to do. Whether you want to become a pro athlete, model, work your way up a big corporation, build a business, do network marketing, become an actor or just create a better life, On The Grow is where I want to provide an encouraging environment and uplifting atmosphere for everyone to succeed!